About Me

I am a software engineer with professional experience since 1995. I've worked in several software companies throughout my career, building complete products with a solid back and front, taking responsibility of my job.

Since 2010 I've been working in entrepreneur mode. First I co-founded a mobile startup Plango and then started my freelance career with many interesting projects in tech startups. Some of the projects grew into bigger roles, like becoming a CTO/co-owner at Yogaia.

In 2022 I currently work as a cloud software lead at Safegrid building a modern IoT stack of sensors and cloud analytics to supervise electrical grids. Super cool stuff.

I love working with startups, and enjoy building valuable things out of ideas, but also realize that growing a startup into a real business is a hard job that requires multiple competencies. Quality tech is important, but not the only ingredient to success.

During my career I've worked with all sorts of technologies, from low-level assembly to high-level scripting. Today I would consider myself a full-stack engineer with a fair amount of perspective to technology and best practices. I like new technology but one should not get carried away by immature "silver bullets" that popup almost daily. I always tend keep a practical and analytical view when evaluating development options: my job is to get the job done well, on time and on budget, and not to use the very latest version of whatever gizmo.min.js.

If you asked me to name one advice for writing quality software, my answer would be: keep it simple stupid. If a solution seems too complex, it most likely is the wrong solution. Always try to seek a simple or the most practical solution, knowing the best practices and weighting the pros and cons of alternatives. Complexity is an enemy that can be very hard to detect. Complex software is hard to write and read, test, maintain, fix, and so on... Rewrites are expensive and harm the business.

I feel comfortable with both frontend and backend development tasks. I'm a visual person, I liked to draw a lot as a child, and do like to craft great modern user experiences. Got my early ahas while reading "Don't make me think" and later on learned more of UX at Idean. On the other hand building solid, scalable and quality backends inspires me too. It fascinates me that mastering both stacks empowers you to create stuff with minimum hassle.

I have graduated from Helsinki University of Technology as a Master of Science in 2001. I wrote my thesis about "Evaluation of secure remote access software technologies". I live in Finland in the capital area of Helsinki.

If you are looking for an experienced, hard-working engineer to build your great product, please email me. I'm happy to chat about new ventures!


A brief list of techies that ring my bell in 202x:

  • Backend: Python, Flask, REST, PostgreSQL, Redis, Golang, timeseries-db
  • Frontend: Javascript, Vue, PWA
  • Other: Linux, Docker, Git, Raspberry, IoT, Computer vision


Some public writings of mine before this blog.

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