About Tomi Mickelsson

I'm a passionate software engineer with professional development experience since 1995. I've held several technical lead positions in software companies in Finland and USA, co-founded a mobile startup Plango and currently work as a freelance consultant.

I'm proficient with multiple languages and frameworks, having experience from low level assembly to high level dynamic languages. You might call me an experienced full-stack developer; I can quickly construct a whole software system comprising a robust back-end and a user friendly cross-device front-end. I can spell back-end Linux magic in the darkness of the server room, but I also enjoy applying the latest technology and design methods into beautiful and functional user interfaces.

Last years I've actively focused on web and mobile technologies where the level of innovation is amazing. I have broad skills to develop mobile apps on all main platforms: HTML5 mobile apps, Android native apps and iPhone native apps. I believe HTML5 has a crucial role in the future, but you also have to know when a native app or a hybrid app is the right call.

I'm one the pioneer developers on Android with 2 apps in the Android Market with a total of 1M downloads: Spin the bottle and GooMemo. I participated in Google ADC2 back in 2009.

I have graduated from Helsinki University of Technology as a Master of Science in 2001. I live in Finland in the capital region with a lovely wife and a daughter.

See LinkedIn for more information about my career.

Toolbox of technologies

Some buzzwords in my recent work.

Front-end: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Chrome extensions, html5boilerplate, bootstrap, backbone.js, wide array of plugins & libs.

Back-end: Python, Django, Flask, Linux, Facebook GraphAPI, REST, nginx, uWSGI, memcached, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB.

Mobile: Android, PhoneGap, responsive design, Zepto.js, iPhone, tons of tips & tricks...

Language skills

My active experience in computer languages as of 2014:


Some public writings before this blog.

About this site

This site is designed and developed by me. HTML5 on the front-end, Python/Django on the backend. SQLite database. Mobile detection and adaptation. jQuery Javascript framework for the desktop site, lightweight Zepto.js for the mobile site. See my post for more about tech.

Icons designed by uicons.co. Cloud logo and all drawings by me.