Work & hobby projects startup

Safegrid is building a modern cloud based intelligent grid system for analyzing, predicting and locating faults in the grid. Custom built high accuracy wireless IoT sensors. Big data processing, machine learning algorithms. Working as the cloud lead, developing the core of back and front tech stacks.

Dashboard for desktop and mobile.
Map to visualize fault locations and routes for fast repair.
Big data database, analyzing millions of pulse records from the sensors. startup is a unique online yoga platform with both interactive real-time yoga classes with personal guidance over webcam, and on-demand videos. The class production pipeline is fully automated, current studios running in Finland, UK and US. Apps are available for 4 platforms. I have full-stack engineered the core platform and learned a ton about technology, engineering, processes and startup life.

The front page as of Oct 2018.
Early front page in April 2014, after launching the new platform.
The iPhone app.
The Android app.
Debugging the real-time live browser view back then. Chrome Devtools - that was my home for many days.
Stress testing the early live view - team members attending the class multiple times.

Plango startup

Plango was my first startup, founded in 2010. We developed an innovative mobile event planner and a social calendar for the Y generation. Enjoyed the mobile social revolution era but also learned that technical mastery alone does not bring success. Startups are hard, but so lovable.

Plango was a mobile social calendar and planner for Facebook. Clients: desktop web, mobile web, iPhone, Android in Beta. Scalable back-end in the cloud. Extensive use of FB GraphAPI.
The month view of the Plango calendar in desktop site. Lots of HTML5 and CSS3 transition effects. (Why use Google Calendar anymore ;)
View all your and your friend's shared events on a map, and get directions. Google maps API in use.
Plango main mobile web view, the inbox of social plans. Automatic detection of mobile devices.
Plango event details in mobile web. Google maps API in mobile use.
The flagship interface of Plango: the native iPhone app with world-class UI design and advanced sync.
Plango native Android app, in private beta, running in the emulator. 2011.
Scalable Plango python back-end in the cloud. Custom app framework with nginx, uwsgi, memcached, PostgreSQL. Advanced messaging and Facebook integrations, and offline data synch. Data center Linode in London.
Plango Event Recommendation portal. Optimized for HTML5 tablets. Native app look&feel with smooth transitions. Advanced algorithms in the backend.
Detail view of a discovered Plango event. All transitions performed via CSS3 hardware acceleration. Lots of hand-tuning and fight with browser quirks.
The first pilot of Plango, an event discovery and planning site that eventually turned into Plango social calendar via customer driven design.
The mobile web version of the first Plango pilot.

Scratching my own itch

I like to collect and visualize real world field data...

Always-on boat GPS tracker. Raspberry, python, RESTPie3, sqlite. LCD display.
Modern superfast service map for boaters navigating at the Baltic sea.
Raspberry home data collector. Graph drawing with matplotlib. RESTPie3, sqlite.
Raspberry home data collector, placing measurements on top of an image.

Freelance work

Few shots of some projects.

Mobile app + server MVP for doctor consultation.
Restaurant recommendation service. REST server for iPhone and Android apps. FB, Google Places integrations.
Chatbot management, material style dashboard and server, deployed into AWS.
Enterprise network management administration dashboard.
Fast animated map widget for visualing pollen concentration. Embeddable for media sites.

UI & UX work

I've worked with a lot of user interfaces for both big and small screens, and enjoy creating great experiences.

A pioneering personal finance service. Java backend, hugely visual frontend, lots of data and math in Javascript. Adobe Flex charts.

Desktop like experience in the browser.

Analytical service with a dashboard of drag'n'droppable Ajax-driven widgets.

A technical demo of the power of CSS3 effects and custom multi-touch events.

An interactive manual for a web-based phone platform. All code examples can be edited and run live in the browser.

Spin the bottle game running as a web-app on iPhone browser. Using CSS3 transforms. "Staff Pick" nomination by Apple in 2007. Appstore didn't exist yet.

A family of RSS reader web widgets running in Nokia N97 home screen.


I jumped knee-deep into Android right around first SDK releases in early 2008 and learned the platform early on. Participated in Google's competition, did app with >1M downloads. Fun time it was, before I turned focus more to web.

GooMemo is my Android app for the Android Developer Challenge 2 in 2009. Advanced note and image taking app with 2-way sync with Google Docs, first of a kind at the time. Available in Play Store.
I started to follow and develop on Android right after launch. Here's my Android Experiences presentation given in Over the AIR mobile development event in London, April 2008.
My second Android Overview presentation in MobileDevCamp in Helsinki, February 2009.
My first published Android app, Spin the bottle game, available in the Play Store. Feb 2009. Development story.
One of my first apps on early beta Android SDK in the beginning of 2008.

Hobbies and prototypes (old)

I've always enjoyed tinkering with software in my own time too. You never know if one of these babies grows into a big business...

Service for following stock market data and personal portfolio. Fast and intuitive UI. Great for tablets, uses HTML5 canvas for the graphics.
The mobile web version of the stock service. Interaction adapted into small screen: tap to select stock instead of typing. Remember your portfolio without login.
A 2007 prototype of a mobile reservation system running fluently in a browser of a low-end Symbian phone. No competitors, untapped opportunity.
A prototype of a time reservation system for hair saloons.
A hobby prototype of a web-based real-time chats for intranets.
A prototype of location based discovery of community services.
A prototype of a restaurant menu portal. Scraping data from web and parsing into unified form.
A prototype of a visual room reservation system for intranets.
Personal photo viewing site. One of my first Python scripts, created in 2000.

Early work

A few highlights from my early career.

Administration UI for managing devices in an indoor positioning system. Backend implemented in Java and Tomcat app server. UI runs Jython, a python runtime for JVM. 2005.
RESTfull XML API in the backend of an indoor positioning system. API fully documented and testable via the browser.
SSH terminal application for Windows. C and C++, low-level cryptography. Lead engineer of the whole client-server platform on Windows.
Fax automation system for small businesses. Client-server architecture on Windows NT. Truly exciting job in California in 1996. I quickly advanced to chief engineer position.
Diagramming the architecture of the fax automation system platform in 1996.
The very first web page I designed and developed for a company in 1995. Learning the web ever since.